Warning, many anti-virus scanner have detected [email protected] as threat to your computer
[email protected] is flagged by these Anti Trojan Scanner
Anti Virus Software Version Detection
Fortinet 2018.1.3821 General
SCUMWARE.org 7.1.811134 [email protected]
AhnLab-V3 4.509432 Variant of Win64/[email protected]
ZoneAlarm by Check Point 3.1.513 Trojan.Persiste
Suggestion : Remove [email protected] Immediately – Free Download

[email protected] may have entered your pc through these software. If you have not installed them , then get rid of them Matchmaker: Joining Hearts , Camera Match Vectorworks Plug-in 2013.0.5 , SaneDesk 2.1 , Fission 1.0 , You Select It 1.6 , Media Inspector├é┬á2.0.1 , Ballerburg 1.1.1 , Doc Merge 3.0.2 , QuoEdit 1.1.5 , El iPodo 1.1.2 , Astrology Zone Premier 1.0 , Open With Package 2.0.1 , Typeli 1.2.1

Is [email protected] created in a way that it consumes maximum bandwidth on computer? Yes
Can [email protected] Establish a connection with remote server? No
Can [email protected] invades PC via infected media? No
Does the developers of [email protected] provide the superuser-level access to hackers? No
Have you noticed your log files accessed by [email protected]? No
Is the accessing of Task Manager and Registry Editor blocked by [email protected]? No
Is your System infected with [email protected] that degrades Internet speed? Yes
Do [email protected] utilize Self-Replicating method? Yes
Does [email protected] work to Provide Unauthorized access to cyber attackers? No
Is [email protected] files malicious? No
Does [email protected] Steal User Account Information? Yes

Scan Your Windows System & Uninstall [email protected] Effectively

Solution 1 – Uninstall [email protected] Using Automated Scanner Tool

Solution 2 – Uninstall [email protected] Using Safe Mode With Networking

Solution 3 – Uninstall [email protected] From Control Panel

Solution 4 – Search and Uninstall [email protected] From Task Manager

Solution 5 – Uninstall [email protected] From Registry Editor

Solution 6 – Uninstall [email protected] Related Extensions From Web Browser

Solution 1 – Uninstall [email protected] Using Windows Scanner Tool

  • Once Installed, You can see the dashboard of [email protected] scanner. There you can select Scan Now Option.

  • After selecting Scan Now Option, You can see the app scan entire system and detect all error, malware, viruses, worm,adware. It will show the list on White screen.

  • Once the Windows Scanner completed the scan,select all the detected threat and Uninstall [email protected] instantly.

Solution 2 – Uninstall [email protected] Using Safe Mode With Networking

Reboot Your Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 & 10 Windows System To Safe Mode With Networking

Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7

Reboot Your Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7

  • Go to Start > Shutdown > Restart > OK.
  • Tap F8 multiple time when your Windows System becomes active until you will see.

  • Advanced Boot Options window.
  • From the appearing list, choose Safe Mode With Networking.

Windows 8 & 10

Reboot Your Windows 8 & 10

  • At the Windows Login screen, press “Power” button gold “Shift” key and hit on Restart option.
  • Now, choose Troubleshoot option.

  • Go to the Advanced options.

  • Select Startup Settings.

  • Finally press on Restart button.

  • From the Startup Settings window, choose 5) Enable Safe Mode With Networking.

Solution 3 – Uninstall [email protected] From Control Panel

Uninstall [email protected] From Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 & 10

Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7

Uninstall [email protected] From Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7

  • Click on the Start button to choose Control Panel option.

  • Click on the “Uninstall a Program” which located under the Program section.

  • Select [email protected] related add-ons, browser extension or plug-ins and Uninstall them.

Windows 8 & 10

Uninstall [email protected] From Windows 8 & 10

  • Right click in the lower left corner of the desktop screen.
  • Choose Control Panel.

  • Look for its related or recently installed suspicious programs.
  • Click on “OK” button to Uninstall them.

Solution 4 – Search and Uninstall [email protected] From Task Manager

  • Open Windows Task Manager by pressing “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” keys simultaneously.

  • Terminate the all executing processes.
  • Open Run command and input the noted file location.
  • At last, Uninstall them.

Solution 5 – Uninstall [email protected] From Registry Editor

  • Press “Win + R” keys together to open the Windows registry editor.

  • In the text box, type regedit.

  • Press on OK button.
  • Navigate the following registry files and delete them from your PC.

Solution 6 – Uninstall [email protected] Related Extensions From Web Browser

Uninstall [email protected] From Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer

Uninstall [email protected] From Internet Explorer

  • Open IE then click on “Gear icon” at top right corner of browser.

  • Choose Add-ons option.
  • In the Manage Add-ons windows, find out [email protected] related suspicious plug-ins and add-ons. Click on Disable button to Throw Out them.

Mozilla Firefox

Uninstall [email protected] From Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Firefox. Go to top right corner and click on menu icon.

  • Go to Add-ons > Extensions.
  • Select [email protected] and other related plug-ins. To Uninstall them, click on Remove button.

Google Chrome

Uninstall [email protected] From Google Chrome

  • Open Chrome > click menu > Tools > Extensions.

  • Select all extensions associated with [email protected] and click on Trash icon. Now reopen Chrome.

Microsoft Edge

Uninstall [email protected] From Microsoft Edge

  • First of all launch Edge browser.
  • Click on (…) icon and select Settings option.

  • Choose “View Advance Settings”.

Uninstall [email protected] To Reset Browser Homepage

Internet Explorer

Reset Homepage Of Internet Explorer To Uninstall [email protected]

  • Open Internet Explorer, select the Tools button , and then select Internet options.

  • On the General tab, under Home page, enter the URL of the site you want to set as a home page.

  • Select Apply, and then select OK. The next time you open a new browsing session or window (or select the Home button ), your home pages will be loaded automatically.

Mozilla Firefox

Reset Homepage Of Mozilla Firefox To Uninstall [email protected]

  • Open Mozilla Firefox, click on the menu icon represented by three lines on the top right corner of the screen. click the “Preferences” menu from the menu option at the top of the homepage.

  • Under the “Preferences” menu, select “General” from the menu options along the top of the screen.
  • Within the “General” screen next to “Home Page,” clear the [email protected] reset the domain to set Google as your homepage.

Google Chrome

Reset Homepage of Google Chrome To Uninstall [email protected]

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Click on the menu icon represented by three lines on the top right corner of the screen next to the Web address input field.

  • Choose “Settings” from the drop-down options.

  • In the “Settings” screen, check the box labeled “Show Home button”. Once the box is checked, click “Change” and clean the [email protected] related and change the address to the domain.

Microsoft Edge

Reset Homepage Of Microsoft Edge To Uninstall [email protected]

  • Open Edge.

  • Tap the three-dot menu button on the top right.

  • Select Settings.

  • Check the box for A Specific Page Or Pages under the Open With section. A drop down menu will appear.

  • Click the down arrow at the end of the drop down menu.

  • Pick Custom. You can also choose from the predefined MSN or Bing pages.

  • Enter the URL of the page you wish to add.

  • Tap the Plus sign next to the box to add another page. Repeat steps 7 and 8 until you have all the pages you want.

  • Close the settings panel when you are done adding all the sites you want after clear all all [email protected]

  • Your preferences have been saved, and the next time you open your browser, all your favorite pages will be waiting for you.

Reset Browser Settings

Internet Explorer

Reset Internet Explorer To Uninstall [email protected]

  • Open IE and click on gear icon.
  • Goto Internet options.

  • Go to Advanced > Reset.

  • Check the dialogue box “Delete personal settings” and click on “Reset”.

  • Click on “Close” in the appeared confirmation box. Again open your browser.

Mozilla Firefox

Reset Mozilla Firefox To Uninstall [email protected]

  • Open Mozilla Firefox browser and click on the gear icon.
  • Click Help and select “Troubleshooting information”.

  • Click on “Reset Firefox” in the appeared dialogue box.

  • Once again click on “Reset Firefox” confirmation box.

  • When Firefox is reset, just click on “Finish” button and reopen your Mozilla Firefox.

Google Chrome

Reset Google Chrome To Uninstall [email protected]

  • Open Google chrome and go to the Settings option.

  • Click on Show advance settings.

  • Scroll down to the end of page and hit on Reset browser settings.

  • Click on Reset button.

  • If a confirmation box will appear on your screen click on Yes button.

Microsoft Edge

Reset Microsoft Edge To Uninstall [email protected]

  • First of all open, Edge browser and click on the More icons.
  • Select Settings option.

  • In Settings window, hit on “Choose what to clear” button under the Clear browsing data option.

  • Check more collapse menu by clicking on Show more.